What is the Range of the Remote?

16m (50ft) diameter of the control box is the specified range, although further can be obtained, but "Missed signals" maybe experienced.

What Frequency does the Remote operate at?

The Star-Mate operates with the ISM band, and a frequency of 2.4GHz

What mounts with the Star-Mate Interface too?

Basically any mount with an ST-4 compatible Guide or Control port will work with Star-Mate.

Some examples include...

+ Losmandy: G-8 and G-11 (with and without the Gemini box)

+ Meade: LX-200 & LX-90

+ Celestron: Nexstar i-series, Celestar 8, & Advanced Series GoTo


+ WinCTC Goto Controllers

+ Tom O. Equatorial Platform.

Will my Star-Mate interfere with other Star-Mates close by?

No. Each Star-Mate is configured with a unique Channel and Address, which can be changed by the user using a simple utility if required.

Can I get extra handheld units for my Star-Mate?

Yes! Remote's can be purchased seperately. Each remote needs to be programmed by the controller using a supplied utility. Get this from the Download section.

Which Camera's will the Exposure control work with?

Any EOS camera with a 2.5mm shutter release will work. Eg. 300D/Rebel, 10D, 20D.

How does the Exposure work?

Exposure times from 1min to 5min & Bulb can be set, and the exposure will automatically take a series of 10 shots, unless stopped beforehand.

What cables are provided with the Star-Mate?

Standard cables are power, and control cable. The camera exposure cable and focus needs to be ordered seperately. Cables run from the Star-Mate control box to the. No wires run to the Handheld.

Can I use my standard Focus Cable?


What is the Battery life of the Handheld unit?

That is still to be determined, but with 1-2 Astro Sessions a week, they should last at least 6 months.

Can I use Re-Chargeable batteries in the Handheld?

For best performance, we recommend the use of non-rechargeable Alkaline batteries, but Rechargeable batteries can be used, but will result is ~20% reduction in range.

What is the Power supply for the Control Box?

8-15VDC is required to to power the Control box. Typically the power would come from the power out port on the drive controller (if available).

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