Control any ST4 Mount from PC using LX200 commands (Auto-Guiding)
The Star-Mate LX200 emulator converts LX200 commands into ST-4 signals for control of the telescope. This allows a PC to control the Slewing for Goto, or AutoGuiding.
Some examples of supported mounts include...
+ Losmandy: G-8 and G-11 (with and without the Gemini box)
+ Meade: LX-200 & LX-90
+ Celestron: Nexstar i-series, Celestar 8, & Advanced Series GoTo
+ WinCTC Goto Controllers
+ Tom O. Equatorial Platform.

The Star-Mate LX200 emulator will work with any software that supports the LX200 command set. Some examples include.. K3CCDTools, GuideDog, IRIS, Meade AutoStar (DSI/LPI guiding). Plus many more!

Control Motorised Focusers. Eg. JMI NGF-S etc.
Using dedicated focus Relays, any motorised focusser can be controled by the PC.

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